Sunday, February 16, 2020

"F*ck Tinder" UNRATED

David Rodwin is an accomplished comic with a dry, polished delivery. He has been performing his one-man show "F*ck Tinder" for several years and is filling up venues with his targeted cohort: younger people who have experienced On-Line Dating. There are several bits about the usual subjects, such as people lying about their ages on their profiles, and a somewhat wistful "Old Tinder"/ "New Tinder" comparison that amounts to Old Tinders wanting only sex and New Tinders wanting something more.

But Rodwin is having none of that. He is out to break records -- the amount of times he can have sex in one day (eight),  the amount of different women he can have sex with in one week (seven), the pleasure he can take in masturbating while watching South Park when he has a few hours free between sexual encounters. The man is not lacking in stamina.

Surprise, surprise, it isn't leading anywhere. We find ourselves enjoying the jokes but unable to rid ourselves of the vision of a late 40's man behaving like a teenager on sex sites and then being surprised when his relationships all turn out empty.

Admission of Age: We are not the Tinder Generation. We could have been the parents, at least, of practically everyone in the room. This is a world that sounds like bungie-jumping into cherry jello to us. There are few circumstances in this world where people our age don't wish we could be a generation younger. Rodwin's world feels like one of them.


The San Francisco Theater Blog Awards Division has chosen not to rate "F*ck Tinder." The showroom was filled and there were lots of people who found this show both humorous and resonant. We felt more like the older man who warned Rodwin to treasure the time he has with the people he loves. The author listened, and then took acid and went to an orgy. I mean, really.

"F*ck Tinder"
The Shelton Theatre
533 Sutter Streeet, San Francisco
Through Feb 29 (Fridays and Saturdays)

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