Monday, December 18, 2023

Circus Bella: "Kaleidoscope" ★★★★

Turn off the talking heads, close the depressing newspaper and rush downtown to the candy-colored Big Top at Howard and Main. There is no better prescription for what has been ailing us all than to take in a ninety-minute shot of Circus Bella's "Kaleidoscope." From the opening musical segment, played with fire by the rocking and costumed band, all the way through segment after segment of jugglers, clowns, aerial straphangers, contortionists and daredevils, individually and in groups, each act displaying the kind of artistry that can only have come from years of dedication and hard work -- all the way through to  the finale with everyone gathered on stage before a cheering audience -- this is what we need, folks. No snark. No screeds. Just magic and fun.

We particularly loved Veronica Blair's Aerial Strap routine. How can anyone with shoulders that strong perform so gracefully while twenty feet in the air? Ori Quesada doesn't seem to have any muscles at all but the man can put on his shoes while balancing on a plank suspended over a ball. 

Oh, and the clowns, each with his or her own segment as an individual performer but coming together to keep everyone laughing several times during each act. We couldn't take our eyes off the remarkable Natasha Kaluza, the "Super Duper Hula Hooper," who dances and high steps while cracking us all up. 

Special thanks to Director and ringmaster Abagail Munn,  and to Musical Director Rob Reich's six-piece band, playing his fantastic score. That music keeps our feet tapping and hands clapping while we are otherwise occupied Ooohing and Aaaahing. 

But don't take our word for it. We hope the city will make a tradition out of Circus Bella, especially during Holiday Season. Right now, they are only here through December 31. If you don't have a clown car, take Muni. But do it soon. 

RATINGS:  ★★★★ 

The San Francisco Theater Blog Awards Division grants Four Big Fat Joyful Stars to "Kaleidoscope" by Circus Bella. This show is just one more fabulous thing about our city. We haven't had this much fun since we won the World Series.  


Circus Bella's "Kaleidoscope"

The Crossing at East Cut

Main and Howard Streets, San Francisco

Through Dec. 31, 2023