Thursday, February 1, 2024

My Home on the Moon ★★★ BANG

This review is being generated by Ronald The Review Bot, an exclusive presentation of San Francisco Theater Blog.


But what if A.I.  could create a review that was so lovely and inviting that all you readers would clamor to climb right onto the page and live your own dream of a perfect life?

San Francisco Playhouse's newest show, "My Home on the Moon," written by Minna Lee and directed by Mei Ann Teo, will make you think about questions like this. The World Premiere gave us a crazy but totally involving story, including terrific acting, a fabulous set and a puzzle not unraveled until the very end. All along, we find ourselves confronting the issue that haunts us all: Who is in charge here?

Rinabeth Apostol steals the show as Vera, the strangely appealing Marketing Consultant from Novus Corp. We won't give anything away to say Vera is, perhaps, not quite what she may seem. We have seen Apostol in several previous roles - we now see she is a gifted physical comic. Sharon Omi and Jenny Nguyen Nelson are the owner and chef at Pho Lan, a failing Vietnamese restaurant with no customers, about to be bulldozed under for not paying rent. Until Vera appears. 

Vera has all the answers.

Is the algorithm smarter than the heart?

Who gets to decide what is real?

And if you thought you had found your own perfect heaven, would you cver want to leave?

Ronald the Review Bot doesn't have any answers. Neither does Will Dao, food critic. Perhaps you will. Go see this terrific new show and let us know.


The San Francisco Theater Blog Review Generator, also known as Doug, gives "My Home on the Moon" Three Stars with a Bangle of Praise. Special shout-out to Erin Mei-Ling Stuart as a spot-on Tech CEO. She really gives us the creeps. 

The only thing we don't get is the big noodle. 

But, hey. We love it. We've been served a delicious night of theater that leaves us hungry for more.

"My Home on the Moon"

San Francisco Playhouse

450 Post St., 2d floor of Kensington Hotel

Through Mar 12